Our Team Approach

At our regularly scheduled child, adolescent, and adult study team meetings, our doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, mental health counselors, and social workers discuss complex problems and draw on the combined experience and expertise of our treatment team to provide the most collaborative and effective treatment for each patient. Our collaborative team approach makes us uniquely qualified to provide compassionate, expert, and individualized care for each patient.

Our Staff and Office

Rachel and Donna

Reduced Symptoms

At the Center for Healthy Minds, our doctors and clinicians are exceptionally trained and experienced. Our goal is to help patients get better with reduced symptoms and significant improvement in their daily lives. Our doctors conduct a comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and provide accurate diagnoses. They then create a treatment plan tailored to the individual patient. The treatment plan may include therapy, medication, or both. If medicine is recommended, the benefits, potential risks, side effects and alternatives will be clearly explained to the patient or parent. Our doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants strive to use the most benign medication that will be effective, at the lowest effective dose only for the duration of time necessary to achieve optimal results. 

Patients are closely monitored to obtain optimal benefit with the least possible side effects. Studies have shown that for many psychiatric disorders, treatment with both medicine and therapy together are more effective than either alone. Accordingly, our providers work closely with your therapist to achieve optimal benefit.